Outfit Your Walk-In Steam Shower for Safety

walk in steam shower

The benefits of a walk-in steam shower are similar to that of a bath. It makes safe bathing/showering possible and helps to relieve the joints, but requires less water to do so. The combination of a sliding hand shower head, grab bar, and built-in seating are recommended for stability as well as mobility. Another beautiful addition is a sleek tile drain. Not only does it camouflage with the tile, but also prevents the danger of tripping in the shower.


  • Therapeutic
  • Accommodate any lifestyle
  • Prevents slipping hazard
  • Customizable grab bars
  • Stylish tile drain
  • Addresses mobility issues
  • Barrier free


  • Cost
  • Requires more space


  • Lower water usage
  • Adjustable to any stage of life
  • Longevity


  • San Diego retail store: Fixtures Living


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