Universal Design Bathroom Makeovers

The average bathroom is divided into two sections, the first being the shower and the second containing the vanity, cabinets and toilet. The separation is standard and creates a barrier so the water from the shower does not flow into the rest of the room. Wanda redesigned her bathroom so she could roll in and out of the shower without having to get out of her chair. By removing the tub, Wanda now has a floor plan that makes it possible for her to access the shower by simply rolling in, an extremely functional universal design bathroom solution.


Bathtub made it difficult to enter/use the shower. The space was compact and there was minimal storage space.


Removed the bathtub/shower and replaced with a “wet-room” style bathroom that is completely wheel-chair accessible:

  • Created a slope for shower drainage
  • Added storage space for miscellaneous bathroom essentials
  • Designed a roll-under vanity
  • Replaced standard toilets with comfort height or tall toilets


Bathroom Gizmos and Gadgets

This is part of a series about Wanda Chenier’s remarkable universal design home makeover. The series covers how Wanda remodeled for accessibility and visit ability; technology and products she selected for safety; details about how she solved the bathroom and bedroom challenges in the original home and how she built her dream kitchen.