Tubular Daylighting Devices Bring Light and Save Energy

solatube lighting solution
A natural lighting solution for windowless spaces and other dark areas are tubular daylighting devices, TDDs. These devices can be cost-effective, energy efficient, and reduce the need for electricity. The TDD product featured in the Wanda Chronicles is by Solatube.

  • Sometimes mistakenly referred to as “tubular skylights”, “light tubes”, “sun pipes”, “solar tubes” or “light tunnels”
  • Light up a room with natural sunlight
  • Save energy on lighting costs
  • Diffuse light throughout the room
  • Provide light that is not harsh
  • Are low maintenance
  • Should be installed professionally
  • Provides more light than a skylight and is less expensive to install

To learn more about TDDs, read How Does a TDD work?

TDDs are available at most retail stores.  For more information about Solatube, visit: http://www.solatube.com/residential.