Smart Thermostats Save on Energy Bills

nest thermostat
As the cost of our energy bills continues to increase, smart thermostats can minimize the use of heating and cooling in your home. An award-winning entrant in this field is the Nest Learning Thermostat, estimated to save an average of 20% on your energy bill. A high-tech thermostat, the Nest controls the temperature in the home by adjusting to your schedule. It programs the optimal temperature for when occupants are home and sets into automatic energy saver mode when they are away. The Nest can also be controlled from any smartphone with the use of a mobile app. It received the Better Living Design’s 2013 Innovation Award.


  • Sleek touch screen design
  • Controls are easy to understand
  • Adjusts to occupant’s daily schedule
  • Easy to install
  • Mobile app to adjust temperature from anywhere


  • Average of $50 more than a non-smart thermostat
  • May not work for someone with an irregular schedule


  • Saves an average of 20% on heating and cooling bill
  • Green leaf symbol lets owner know when temperatures are energy efficient
  • Automatic energy saver mode


  • San Diego retail store: Home Depot
  • Manufacturer: Nest
  • Order online: Amazon (Purchases made through this link benefit ReVisions Resources.)