Shower Bench a Must for Fall Prevention

Tiled shower bench

There is no denying the pleasure that warm water can bring, but taking a shower can present a problem for people who aren’t comfortable standing for long periods of time. Others may be worried about slipping or falling as they shower. One stylish and surprisingly convenient solution is to install a bench in your shower stall. A bench can be securely mounted at an angle or across the width of the enclosure depending on your needs. Some “off-the-shelf” after-market benches can fold out of the wall, but the most aesthetically pleasing bench is one tiled to match or accent your existing shower. A tiled bench also offers handy storage and access for shampoos, conditioners, soap and other toiletries.


Installing a custom-tiled shower bench requires a tile setter. Costs will range from $300 to $750, depending on your tile choice and your shower configuration. Ready-to-install folding benches can be purchased for $400 and need to be installed securely.


  • Offers a place to sit during showers.
  • Helps prevent falls from extended standing.
  • Requires no major remodeling.
  • Provides storage for items needed in the shower.
  • Provides a spot to rest a foot when shaving legs or washing.


  • Hire a designer to help select the best location and to select the correct tile for your bench.
  • Hire a licensed carpenter or handyman to install a custom bench and a licensed tile setter to apply the tile.
  • Hire a licensed handyman to install a ready-made folding bench securely to the shower wall.
  • If you don’t have a walk-in shower, consider replacing your bathtub with a walk-in shower stall that includes a bench.This increases the cost substantially, but can add value to your home while increasing your use and enjoyment of your shower. Check with the local authorities regarding code compliance, installation requirements, and whether permits are required.


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