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Shopping For A Right Sized Home? What To Look For

Shopping For A Rightsized Home? What To Look For
When you look for a new home, you want one that’s not too large nor too small. You want what designers are calling “right-size” designed homes. An emerging home trend is to have a right size designed home. These designs ensure homeowners the house will evolve with their tastes and needs throughout their lives. The idea is to have a smaller space that can have the same, if not more, use as a larger home. On top of maximizing the space available, it will also increase function and efficiency.

Many sellers are claiming the right-size title when the house doesn’t truly reflect it. Here are some different ways to make sure a house is truly right sized. Photo above courtesy of Brady Architectural Photography.

Reworked spaces

This is perhaps the key component of a right-sized home. Rooms should be open and have multiple purposes. There is no longer a need for extra rooms, open space and high ceilings. A homeowner should be able to do different things in one room and not feel as though any space is wasted.  Rooms should be flexible so their function can evolve over time from a bedroom to a home office or an exercise space. It is common to eliminate the less used areas of fancy dining rooms and formal living rooms altogether in right-sized homes. More important are wider doors and hallways, useful for moving large furniture and essential for guests with walkers or wheelchairs.

Taking out luxuries

Homeowners are beginning to realize they don’t need the over the top designs and styles. Master suites, granite countertops and fireplaces are some of the first parts of a house to go when looking at right sizing. Saving money and energy is becoming the trend in home living rather than having a house that guzzles up energy and your bank account.


Going green is one of the best ways to save energy and maximum efficiency. Right-sized homes have energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, home gardens, energy saving windows and water-conserving appliances. When looking through the house, ask about the different energy efficient aspects of it to make sure it has been properly right sized.

Maximum organization

With less space comes greater organization. Right-sized homes get creative with how they optimize storage and accessibility. There’s more functional use of wall space and practical uses for other space in the home. For instance, kitchens will have a  ample storage space and counter space for cooking and preparing meals. It is also becoming common  to use entryways to store different items.

Real world appliances

Just like anything else in the rest of the house, there shouldn’t be any appliances the homeowner doesn’t need. Right sizing is about making the home practical for living. Check out the different appliances in the house and make sure they worth the energy bill you are paying to use them.


For a good long-term investment and better living later, also look for:

  • bigger windows and good ambient light,
  • one no-step entrance, and
  • a floor plan that offers a bedroom and bathroom on the same floor as the kitchen. Best would be a bathroom that is/can be made accessible.


By: Barry Fennell, Director of Remodeling Services, Wardell Builders. Inc.



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