Stabilize Throw Rugs with Rug Grippers

Throw rugs add softness and warmth to a room’s décor. Depending on color, they can blend in or add a desirable accent to a room’s design. Functionally, they provide cushioning to reduce strain on knees and lower backs when placed where people stand for extended periods of time. Inside of exterior doors, they serve as walk-off mats, reducing the amount of grit tracked into a home. Yet, regardless of the design statement they make or the practical purpose they serve, throw rugs increase the risk of falls when they are unsecured. Luckily, there are a variety of methods for attaching throw rugs securely to reduce the tripping hazard they present. Double-sided adhesive pads offer an easy answer for attaching throw rugs to hard surface floors like wood and tile. Pads specifically designed to secure throw rugs to carpet are also available. For more permanent installations, double-sided sticky tape or glue can be used.


Double-sided adhesive pads for 2’ x 4’ throw rugs or smaller start at $10.95. Larger rugs require larger pads. Double-sided carpet tape costs $ 10.55 for a 2” x 10 yard roll. Larger 5’ x 8’ rug to carpet pads cost $34.97, but they can be cut up for smaller throw rug applications. These costs don’t include installation.


  • Significantly reduces the trip hazard presented by throw rugs.
  • Prolongs the life of the throw rug while preserving the flooring.
  • Enhances a room’s décor by adding warmth, color and texture.
  • Makes it more comfortable to stand at sinks and stoves safely.


  • Cut pads one to two inches smaller than the throw rug.
  • Make sure the floor is clean and dry before placement of the adhesive pad or tape.
  • Consider your décor – a designer can help choose the best rug and installation for your home.
  • Consider hiring a handyman to secure your rugs.


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