About ReVisions Resources

ReVisions Resources is a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency that provides resources and solutions for successful aging. Advances in technology, products and services have evolved to help us enjoy a better of quality of life for our new longevity. ReVisions Resources provides access to these services through educational resources, housing, technology, and public awareness campaigns. More than 1,000,000 people have benefited from housing and educational programs launched by ReVisions Resources.

The organization was founded in 1989 by working women who had encountered frustrating barriers while seeking caregiving resources and solutions for family members and friends. After successfully navigating the eldercare territory, they formed this nonprofit to make it easier for others to get help for themselves and their loved ones. The mission of ReVisions Resources is to improve the quality of life for older adults and help them remain self-sufficient.

ReVisions Resources has received a number of foundation grants relating to senior education, health, and outreach. It also provides consulting services to government agencies, the private sector, and nonprofit organizations. Listed below are some of the solutions it has created and implemented for seniors and family caregivers.

Educational Resources

ReVisions Resources is best known for its consumer guide to eldercare, the community’s “go-to” resource for family caregivers and seniors. Introduced in 1996, the annual guide,  The San Diego Eldercare Directory, is now published by the daily newspaper, UT San Diego. Other titles include Carefree Living, the Housing Guide to Independent Living, which was distributed through bookstores and healthcare providers.


The nonprofit has co-developed 91 units of affordable senior housing, Seasons at La Quinta, with nonprofit developer LINC Housing. Built in 1997, an integral part of this community is resident education, including on-site health and wellness classes.


Technology solutions for aging in place are a key feature of ReVisions Resources’ educational programs.  Accessible through our website, www.revisionsresources.org, solutions for health, finance, and the home are reviewed and introduced for the public. ReVisions’ “Designed for Life“, campaign demonstrated new technologies for the home.

Financial and Housing Strategies for Aging in Place

Public awareness campaigns

  • E-E-Easing into ADUs: Engage! Educate! Empower!Public conferences, workshops, special events, homeowner vouchers, and location-specific resource manuals.  Our current campaign encourages construction of universally designed accessory dwelling units (ADUs) that enable aging in place while enhancing a community’s livability.
  • Financial resources – Public workshops and train-the-trainer programs to address myths about financial products for seniors. This campaign implemented the National Council on the Aging’s campaign, Use Your Home to Stay at Home at the local level.
  • Help for family caregivers – Workplace classes and media campaign to introduce eldercare resources and community services. This multi-year program, Eldercare for Everyone, was funded by the Archstone Foundation, and led to a Sunday series about eldercare in the daily newspaper.
  • Innovations for universal design/aging in place at home –  Workshops, special events, and a demonstration space renovated for this program gave the public experience with innovative products, technologies and design concepts that can make the home safe and comfortable for aging in place. The program, “Designed for Life“, was implemented in partnership with AARP and ASID and more than 40 community partners and businesses. More than 1,000,000 San Diego residents were reached through this educational campaign.