Offset Door Hinges

door hinge
An important issue for someone with limited mobility is to be able to move freely around the home with little to no obstructions. For safety purposes, it is important to be able to access every room in the home. The average door width in a residential home is 32.” Although this is ADA compliant, it is still a tight squeeze for a wheelchair to pass through. One way of addressing this problem is to replace the hinges on doors in the home with Offset door hinges. The benefit of an offset hinge is that when the door is fully open, it will be flush with the wall. This gives two to three more inches of space for easier wheelchair access.

Average Cost – $16

Here are a few options for Offset Door Hinges from

HealthSmart Expandable Door Hinges

Swing Away Offset Door Hinge

Purchases made through these links benefit ReVisions Resources. Other sources for offset hinges are Target, Walgreens, Home Depot, and Walmart.