No-Lip Showers Eliminate Mobility Barrier

Accessible bath with low-lip shower and wheelchair-accessible sink and cabinetry

One feature common in European bathrooms is a shower that is flush with the floor. This “no lip” or “roll-in” feature allows people to walk or roll directly into the shower without encountering the barrier caused by a raised shower pan or tub. The same tile flooring is often used in the shower and the rest of the bathroom. This creates a clean and spacious aesthetic. The tile in the shower area is angled slightly to ensure that water flows toward the drain. Roll-in showers have the obvious advantage of allowing for easy wheelchair access, but they are also easier to keep clean. In addition, a shower flush with the floor allows for the use of a larger space when showering for more luxurious showering experience. For those who need assistance when showering, a barrier-free shower prevents the awkwardness tub sides and shower pan lips present.


Depending on the current shower or bath configuration, a no-lip shower remodel typically costs $2,000 to $4,000.


  • Makes it easy to get in and out of the shower.
  • Visually expands the space of the bathroom.
  • Easier to keep clean.


  • Ensure that the tile selected for the shower and the main area of the bathroom is slip-resistant.
  • Consider expanding the shower area further by repositioning your shower curtain to encompass a larger area.
  • Some roll-in shower installations use a collapsible water retainer that depresses when walked or rolled on, but pops back up to keep water in the shower.
  • A bath designer can help choose the tile that best suits your home’s décor.


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