Home Elevator May Be Worth the Cost

Once considered a luxury item reserved for mansions, home elevators are now a viable option for people who are tired of climbing the stairs in their homes. Elevators consume a smaller space than most stairways. In fact, a two-person home elevator can be installed in an area as small as 5’ x 5’. When integrated with the home’s décor, it can appear as if the elevator was part of the original structure. Not only does an elevator save homeowners from climbing stairs, but it can be a boon for carrying laundry between floors. Moving a vacuum cleaner or luggage becomes a breeze as well. Skilled contractors are required for elevator installation, but when one considers the cost of selling and then purchasing a new home, the cost becomes more reasonable.


Depending on the elevator style and home configuration, elevators cost between $18,000 and $25,000.


Makes it easy to travel between floors in the home. Extends the length of time a two-story home can be navigated by people with mobility issues. Adds value to the home. Tips In the past, elevators required a separate housing for their motors and an inset well for the drive system. This is no longer the case and so the ease of installation and operation is streamlined. Many modern home elevators don’t require a new foundation and so can be installed completely within the elevator’s footprint. Make sure to obtain the required permits and hire a licensed and experienced contractor to install your elevator. Elevators that only go between two floors can be less expensive than ones that go to three or more floors. Consider the weight limits and ease of operation. Some elevators can lift 500 pounds; others can lift 900 pounds. Consider the range of style and finishes available. Some elevators come with glass doors; others have solid or accordion-style doors. A designer can help choose the option that best suits your home’s décor.


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  1. Jane Burt August 28, 2019 Reply

    Thank you for explaining how a home elevator helps to add value to your home and makes it easier for those who have mobility issues to get up and down to different floors. My grandma has a lot of mobility issues and it makes it difficult for her to get up and down the stairs of our home as they are very steep. Maybe we will look into getting a home elevator.

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