Hand-held Showerhead Helps with Limited Mobility

Showering is one of the universal pleasures in life. Not only is cleansing necessary for personal hygiene, but the experience itself is refreshing and invigorating. However, the height of the showerhead can greatly affect the shower experience. A showerhead that is too low can cause a head bump. One that is too high can reduce both temperature and the force of the spray making it difficult to rinse off soap and shampoo.

For those of us with limited mobility or who prefer to shower while seated, a hand-held showerhead is a terrific help. It can be manipulated to angle toward those hard-to-reach areas. One step better is a hand-held showerhead on a sliding rail that allows for individual adjustment. Many hand-held showerheads also have adjustable spray options to accommodate individual preferences for spray intensity from hammer massage to gentle mist. Chrome is the most common finish, but other finishes like brushed nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze are also available.


Depending on the showerhead, a simple hand-held chrome model costs as little as $34 plus installation. A chrome hand-held showerhead on a sliding bar costs $148 plus installation.


  • Allows for movement of the shower rather than requiring you to move your body.
  • Easily adjustable for individual showering preferences.
  • Makes it easier to wash a dog.


  • Consider your personal shower preferences when deciding between showerhead spray options.
  • Hire a plumber to install your hand-held showerhead and sliding bar.
  • Consider adding a hand-held showerhead on a sliding bar in addition to an existing wall mounted showerhead for a luxury dual showerhead experience.


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