Attractive Glass-Front Cabinets Also Save Time

Good design encompasses two important elements – form and function. While solid cabinet doors provide a certain beauty in their simplicity, their very ability to hide their contents can make a kitchen more difficult to use. Replacing a few solid cabinet doors with glass-fronted ones can make it easier to see what’s inside. A quick glance saves opening a series of doors in an effort to find a needed item. From a “design form” perspective, the reflective quality of glass-fronted doors adds depth to a kitchen space the way adding a window might and without any of the structural issues involved. Glass-fronted doors can also turn cupboards into attractive display spaces for treasured dishes and glassware. Best of all, glass-fronted cabinets are a quick way to give a tired or boring kitchen a facelift. Glass-fronted doors come in a variety of styles and glass panels can even be retrofitted into some existing cabinet doors. The glass itself can be patterned to add visual interest and coordinate with a kitchen’s design scheme.


Depending on the cabinet style, glass-fronted door frames for existing cabinets can cost $55 for a 15” x 30” door. A water glass insert costs $46 for that size door. These costs don’t include assembly and installation.


  • Makes it easy to see cabinet and cupboard contents.
  • Provides attractive display for china, glasses, and serving dishes.
  • Adds visual interest and depth to a kitchen space.


  • Most glass-fronted doors are ordered as frames and then glass inserts are purchased locally to avoid breakage in shipping.
  • There are many styles of glass inserts to choose from.
  • Consider using a style of glass (antique, water, bubble, etc.) that matches your kitchen décor.
  • Choose cabinets that are often accessed for glass-fronted doors.
  • Cupboards that store drinking glasses and coffee mugs are a popular choice.
  • Choose the cabinets that are natural focal points for the kitchen. These will often be located opposite doorway entrances.
  • Hire a kitchen designer to help choose the best location and style of glass-fronted doors for your kitchen.
  • Hire a licensed cabinet-maker or handyman to assemble and install your glass-fronted doors.


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