Free low-water landscape design templates for empty nesters and others

Free low-water landscape design templates for empty nesters
Looking for inspiration or a head start on your landscaping project? The San Diego County Water Authority has free, downloadable landscape design templates created by top designers.  Not only are the garden designs beautiful, they also are created to thrive in the region’s semi arid climate and to save water and monthly expense. Landscape design templates are available for pets, children, front yards, backyards and empty nesters.

The empty nester template features hardscape elements, such as built-in-barbeque, fireplace, a vine-covered wood trellis and informal flagstone paving, which help to create an inviting atmosphere.  A small recirculating water feature is an accent to the garden which is located on a back raised planter wall. The water feature is centered on the backyard doors drawing the guests out onto the exterior patio.  It also provides the garden with the pleasant sound of trickling water. A small area of artificial turf and drought tolerant plant material compliments the landscape design.

The design also offers irrigation system choices:

  • Drip irrigation: uses the lowest amount of water and recommended for the raised planter area.
  • Low precision spray heads for areas that are less than 10′ in width.
  • MP Rotator heads that fall somewhere between drip irrigation and precision nozzle spray heads in terms of amount of water used.
  • Smart Controller: to monitor weather conditions and limit the irrigation system to water only when needed by the plants.

To down the free landscape design templates visit The designs offer flexibility to choose a variety of plants and hardscape options, allowing users to customize the designs so they fit each home. For example, if the template calls for one type of sage, users can substitute just about any of the many species of sage to match their taste. If the plan calls for a flagstone walkway, users can easily substitute brick as the walkway material.

To learn about gardening with drought tolerant plants, money saving tips on water use, gardening groups, drought survival for gardens and rebates and incentives, and more, download a copy of the San Diego County Water Authority’s free eGuide to a Water Smart Lifestyle.

Photo above provided courtesy of the San Diego County Water Authority, eGuide to a Water Smart Lifestyle.


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