Fixtures Living Event Reveals Showroom Secrets

What an exciting event we had for our first 2013 Designed for Life event. More than 50 people gathered at the at Fixtures Living showroom to check out products associated with aging-in-place and universal design. The event took place at Fixtures Mira Mesa location. The firm will soon move to University Town Centre.

Each person was able to experience first-hand the importance of some appliances that incorporate universal design. The inviting showroom included six areas where Fixtures representatives were on hand to introduce and answer questions about products that can make life easier or safer such as induction cooktops, raised washers and dryers, drawer-style appliances and walk-in showers.

People considering remodeling their homes had an opportunity to operate an induction stove top and try out what it would be like to step into a beautifully appointed shower with water flowing from various shower heads. It made their experience more fun than simply looking at a cook top or shower and gave them ideas to mull for how to remodel their homes to fit their needs.

The tour was a hit with Barbara and Mo Novikoff. Here is what they had to say:

Barb: “Loved the touch and feel friendliness of the displays. Learned a great deal about the function and practicality of new products/materials.”

Mo: “Having a knowledgeable pro standing by was extremely helpful in providing more about how the product serves your needs/would make life easier/be more functional.”


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