Cabinet Hardware Avoids Increased Arthritis Pain

Whether our hands are wet or afflicted with arthritis, small round knobs on cabinet drawers and doors can present difficulties. Cabinets without any pulls at all are also troublesome. They may look sleek and clean-lined, but each door and drawer requires a special tug that can be frustrating. C- or D-shaped pulls and handles solve both problems. The right pull or handle makes it easy to tuck a finger or two and open a drawer or cupboard. Interior designers often describe cabinet hardware as “jewelry” as they dress up any kitchen decor. Adding new pulls and handles is a quick way to update a kitchen while making it more comfortable and convenient to use. These days there are hundreds of attractive, yet functional, options to suit most any kitchen style.


Simple pulls and handles can cost as little as $1 each. More elaborate pulls and handles can cost $15 to $20 each. The majority fall into the $4 to $7 range. Most kitchens require 20 to 30 pulls or handles to cover every door and drawer. Installation costs vary, but they should fall in the $100-200 range for the average kitchen.


  • Makes it easier to open drawers and cupboards.
  • Adds style and aesthetic appeal to kitchen decor.
  • Easy to install in most cabinetry.


  • Consider buying a single pull or handle in several styles to try out to make sure they fit your hands and suit your cabinetry.
  • Count your drawers and cupboards carefully when ordering. Consider your kitchen décor – some C or D drawer pulls are typical of a Mission style; others offer a more contemporary aesthetic.
  • Cabinet hardware is a relatively inexpensive way to update and brighten a kitchen. Have fun with your choices.
  • Since most pulls and handles are standard sizes, they are easy to change if you decide to redecorate.
  • Some hardware suppliers don’t include screws with the pulls and handles. Be sure to order the correct length of screws for your drawers and cupboards.
  • “C type” refers to a handle that looks like the letter “C” when viewed from the side.
  • “D type” refers to a cupped style pull that looks like the letter “D” when viewed from the side.


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