Crank Windows Easier to Operate

Window casement

Single-hung sash windows can be difficult to open, particularly if the window is older or it is awkwardly located. Larger sliding style windows may not be any easier to open or close. Both of these window types often have smaller latch systems that make them challenging to hold in the unlocked position while heaving the heavy glass panes along their tracks. And trying to operate either style from a sitting position may prove impossible. Difficult windows present a number of problems. They restrict air flow and emergency egress when left permanently closed. And they present a heat loss issue in colder weather and a constant security risk if left permanently open. A simple solution is the installation of a crank operated casement window. These windows feature a separate locking system. The crank-style opening means less strength is required to operate them and they can be worked from a seated position. An added bonus is that they provide greater ventilation than sliding or single-hung windows in the same size opening. Even more importantly, in case of fire, casement windows provide a larger opening for an emergency exit.


Depending on the window style and manufacturer, an average 2’ x 4’ casement window costs about $400 plus installation.


  • Easy-to-operate crank handles mean air flow is easily controlled.
  • Larger openings mean greater ventilation and easier egress.
  • New windows are more energy efficient.


  • Try various styles of crank handles to find the one that is easiest for you to operate.
  • Replace the windows used most often, but make sure opening the window won’t interfere with pedestrian walkways outside the home.
  • Consider that casement windows can open on the right or left side.
  • A professional designer or installer can help select the option that best suits your specific configuration.
  • Hire a licensed contractor to install your new windows.
  • Replacing your old windows with new energy efficient ones may qualify you for the Energy Tax Credit. Check with your window retailer for more details on qualifying windows.


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