Contrasting Countertops Aid Vision

For those of us who like to sneak into the kitchen for a late-night snack using only the open fridge door as a light source or for those whose sight isn’t what it used to be, installing contrasting countertops can help prevent off-the-edge counter accidents. Regardless of age, we all see the edges of contrasting colors more easily, so choosing a darker or lighter countertop to contrast with our cabinets and flooring just makes sense. Visual contrast makes it easier to track the edge of the counter and avoid setting knives, cups and cooking pans where they may fall. Another way to accomplish this same effect is to install a beveled counter edge in a contrasting color. These days there are countertops available in a variety of colors and materials to fit any budget and any design.


Depending on the size of the counter, laminate can cost as little as $35 per square foot including installation. Tile counters start at $25 per square foot including installation. Solid surface and granite counters are the most expensive and range from $49 to $83 per square foot including installation. (Prices quoted are from Home Depot)


  • Defines the edge of the counter visually to help prevent spills and other accidents.
  • Adds style and aesthetic appeal to the room’s design.
  • Adds value to the home.


  • Remember that bathroom and laundry room countertops can also benefit from contrasting edges.
  • Professional designers can help you select the countertops that best fit your needs and coordinate with the rest of the room.
  • Consider your personal cooking habits when deciding between laminate, tile and granite.
  • If you like to be able to set a hot pan directly on the counter, consider choosing a tile or stone counter.
  • Granite has become very fashionable, but granite tile is a budget-friendly alternative to slab granite.
  • Some counters can be installed over existing counters.


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