Alarm plus Connected Home Technology Provides Security and Ease

Your home is your safe haven. It is a place for you to feel comfortable and secure. An alarm system is one way of making sure your home is protected at all times. Alarm systems function in several ways. Basic systems monitor doors and windows but more elaborate systems allow homeowners to control lighting and temperatures and other functions through an app on a smart phone.

A recent addition to technology for aging in place is the Wellness solution, offered by “this solution extends our connected home technology platform to help people remain secure, healthy and independent for as long as possible.” Integrated with home security and energy management services, the system for managing the home environment makes it easy and convenient to control many aspects of the home such as lights, thermostat, window shades, solar panels, door locks, and garage access.  

It also offers dedicated wireless connectivity even if the phone line is cut, the Internet goes down or the security panel is damaged. Its wireless technology will also operate for 24 hours on back-up battery power for security during a power outage.

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