College Area Community Garden Preview

A year ago, College area residents took a vacant lot full of litter and debris and began transforming it into a community-based organic garden. Located adjacent to the Children’s Center at San Diego State University, the College Area Community Gardens is celebrating it’s one-year anniversary with an open house Saturday (Sept. 13).

Residents and SDSU affiliates who participate in the community garden lease raised planter beds, which they maintain. Renters are encouraged to cultivate fruits and vegetables using only organic fertilizers and pesticides.

Plans for the garden include fruit trees, storage sheds and a compost bin. Rainwater is collected from houses along the property and is one source for sustaining the garden. Solar panels will be installed to provide power to energy-saving fixtures on the property. The garden promotes an ecosystem that will be self-sustainable and benefit the surrounding environment.

The College Area Community Gardens plans to hold workshops to provide information on the resourcefulness of organic gardening. Classes will include organic farming practices, planet-friendly agricultural methods, and water-wise collection and irrigation methods. They are also in the process of setting up a goat petting zoo, a chicken coop, and a collection of beehives. Catering to all walks of life, the following features make the garden accessible to everyone:

  • Raised planter beds
  • Quick-release fittings on water faucet
  • Water wands
  • Lightweight hoses
  • Lawn buddy

For more information on the College Area Community Gardens, please click here.