Wanda Chronicles: Accessible Bedroom Design

Wanda kept her bedroom simple and spacious by keeping furniture at a minimum, eliminating unnecessary clutter and using as much natural light as possible.  The spaciousness allows her to move about her bedroom with ease.


Carpeting made navigating the space in a wheelchair a chore


  • Replaced carpeting with tile flooring that is easy to navigate and easy to maintain
  • Used minimal amount of furniture to give complete access throughout the room (less-is-more approach)
  • Added French doors to make back yard accessible/serve as an exit route in case of emergency


This is part of a series about Wanda Chenier’s remarkable universal design home makeover. The series covers how Wanda remodeled for accessibility and visit ability; technology and products she selected for safety; details about how she solved the bathroom and bedroom challenges in the original home and how she built her dream kitchen.